InboxVISA is a collection of email sending best practices and real-time heuristics adopted by SENDUNE to protect all users and guide emails safely into user inboxes. While these practices create trust with email service providers, the final decider in inbox placement is the content of your email. Ultimately, the only one who can guarantee safe inbox placement is YOU.

Some practices adopted by InboxVISA are;

  1. SENDUNE forces some industry standard best practices upon you like having a domain with SPF, DMARC, DKIM records in place before you can send emails.

  2. Delivery stats for every email you send are monitored and this collective intelligence is used to generate insights. For example, if messages to 'GMAIL.COM' ESP have a lower CTR compared to other ESP's, this could mean your emails are landing in GMAIL spam folders.

  3. SENDUNE maintains a Central Bounce Register (CBR). This is a list of email addresses that have resulted in a hard bounce in the recent past. Messages are not delivered to emails in the CBR. This helps you stay within acceptable bounce limits and maintain your reputation with ESP's.

  4. SENDUNE monitors SBUR (Spam + Bounce + Unsubscribe + Reject) rate for all accounts in near real-time. Accounts with SBUR >=5% are banned. This helps weed out bad actors from the platform thereby protecting genuine users.
The purpose of InboxVISA is to protect genuine users from making inadvertent mistakes. InboxVISA cannot help you if you are sending unsolicited messages.