Send With SES is now SENDUNE.

Dt: 11-July-2024


As communicated earlier, the Send With SES rebranding to SENDUNE has been completed. The new website is

  • You might still see some references to Send With SES in the documentation pages. You can safely follow any instructions that mention Send With SES.
  • This migration is fully backward compatible. All erstwhile API endpoints ( will continue to work normally and no changes are required from you.
  • There are no pricing changes. 
  • We continue to adhere to our minimalist agenda.

You can write to in case you have any questions or face any issues.

(formerly Send With SES).

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Dt: 2-July-2024


We want you, our users, to be the first to know this.

In the next few days we will be rebranding Send With SES as SENDUNE. The new domain will be

When Send With SES launched in 2018, its main function was to abstract away all the complexity of using AWS SES. A lot has changed since then. Send With SES is now capable of doing many more things. We want the new name to reflect these new powers and we think SENDUNE is apt.

This is just a rebranding. All other things, including the pricing, remain the same and we continue to adhere to our minimalist agenda.

Send With SES / SENDUNE Team.